Maintaining the romantic nature of incandescent dimming

Color Changing LED’s

I just read a great article by Kevin Wilmorth about whether or not LED manufacturers should be making LED’s that dim like a traditionally incandescent.  A good point he brings up is that no one intended for the tungsten filament of incandescent to color change as it dims, this just happens.  Therefore, would anyone, unaware of this concept design a bulb that shifts color when dimming?  Is it applicable?

I have long thought of this as the next step for LED lights to go.  In order to acquire higher adoption of LED lamp sources, I figured we needed to match incandescent, but do we?  What if, when you dimmed LED’s, they changed to different colors, say blue?  I do enjoy a good dim blue color.

Kevin discusses some great ideas of separated intensity and color shifting in separate controls.  You could dim LED’s but maintain the white color or you could shift the color to warmer.  I really like where he’s going with this.  He finishes by saying, “The question remains whether color-shift exhibited by incandescent lamps by happenstance is ideal or whether the concept could be expanded to offer an even greater value.”


Why I am starting a blog

I realize that a lot of our customers have questions. We want to answer them all… and keep track of them somewhere. I think utilizing a blog is one of the best ways to do this. From here on, I will try to answer everyone’s questions regarding LED lighting, utility incentives and our design process through this blog. Thank you